Our Culture

Mission and Vision

We are a values-based company committed to investing in our people and local communities, operating in a safe and sustainable manner utilizing innovation and respecting our environment.

Bluestone is a leading natural resource company driving stakeholder value through responsible, sustainable and innovative development.  To accomplish this vision, the Company endorses and promotes the values below:


We are responsible – We strive to achieve our goals and honour our commitments

  • We are fair, honest and transparent in our interactions
  • We work within the rule of law and are guided by the policies and procedures as set out by the organization
  • We work hard and deliver results
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We look after one another’s safety and wellbeing

We show respect – We recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities and rights of others

  • We respect everyone equally and value diversity.
  • We trust in everyone’s unique talent.
  • We respect and preserve the local culture, community and environment
  • We keep confidences and protect private or sensitive information
  • We listen to alternative views, ideas and perspectives

We work together – We actively collaborate and build relationships based on trust and shared goals

  • We partner with stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.
  • We help and support each other as one team
  • We collaborate to improve how work is done
  • We value and celebrate all contributions to our success
  • We collaborate with other industries to coexist and prosper in the area.